Washington Post Daily Crossword April 27 2020 Answers

If you need help with Washington Post Daily Crossword April 27 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of Washington Post i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

Washington Post Daily Crossword April 27 2020 Answers:

Pull a pre-exam all-nighter 4 letters CRAM
High-five sound 4 letters SLAP
Hamster homes 5 letters CAGES
Word in a bailiff’s order 4 letters RISE
Comics possum 4 letters POGO
Seashore recess 5 letters INLET
Mail-routing abbr. 4 letters ATTN
How some close NFL games are won 4 letters INOT
Black in Bordeaux 5 letters NOIRE
Strategy with delaying tactics 11 letters WAITINGGAME
There’s no winner in one 3 letters TIE
Defense org.? 3 letters ABA
Enticed 7 letters TEMPTED
Rental industry with units for extra belongings 13 letters PUBLICSTORAGE
Grabbed a bite 3 letters ATE
Loafer or moc 4 letters SHOE
Outlying communities 6 letters EXURBS
Brown shades 4 letters TANS
Push in some chips 3 letters BET
Fab Four first name 4 letters PAUL
Jeepers! 6 letters SHEESH
Agrees quietly 4 letters NODS
Capote nickname 3 letters TRU
Household gathering to discuss something 13 letters FAMILYMEETING
Pancake flipper 7 letters SPATULA
Not within walking distance 3 letters FAR
Ab neighbor 3 letters PEC
Hotel accommodations for couples and a hint to both parts of 20- 27- and 49-Across 11 letters DOUBLEROOMS
Dog collar dangler 5 letters IDTAG
When many start lunch 4 letters NOON
Slender wind 4 letters OBOE
Eat away at 5 letters ERODE
Lump of dirt 4 letters CLOD
Bread with hummus 4 letters PITA
Sensitive skin spots 5 letters SORES
Cooped cluckers 4 letters HENS
Place to hold a snifter 4 letters STEM
Stick in one’s __ 4 letters CRAW
Lovely musical meter maid 4 letters RITA
Piedmont wine center 4 letters ASTI
__ telepathy 6 letters MENTAL
Veggie favored by Popeye 7 letters SPINACH
Like epic novels 4 letters LONG
Super-excited 4 letters AGOG
Idaho product 6 letters POTATO
HBO-owned broadcaster 7 letters CINEMAX
It’s __-brainer! 3 letters ANO
Beautiful people as a group 10 letters GLITTERATI
Like a fog-enshrouded cemetery 5 letters EERIE
Jouster’s mount 5 letters STEED
Sacred Nile bird 4 letters IBIS
Nothing more than 4 letters MERE
Scrolling PC key 4 letters PGUP
Frisks with down 4 letters PATS
Salt Lake City’s state 4 letters UTAH
Philanthropist 10 letters BENEFACTOR
Get all blubbery 3 letters SOB
So so small 5 letters TEENY
Severely overcook 4 letters BURN
Fake coin 4 letters SLUG
Couch or bench 4 letters SEAT
Quarterback Brady 3 letters TOM
Erasure marks 7 letters SMUDGES
Big Island port 4 letters HILO
Comes to the aid of 7 letters DEFENDS
Scorch 4 letters SEAR
Cape Canaveral event 6 letters LAUNCH
Bunches of Brownies 6 letters TROOPS
Seekers of intel 5 letters SPIES
Martinez with three Cy Youngs 5 letters PEDRO
Tree trunk 4 letters BOLE
Minnesota’s state bird 4 letters LOON
Last bio 4 letters OBIT
Bit of dust in a sunbeam 4 letters MOTE
Tailor’s line 4 letters SEAM
Drink suffix 3 letters ADE

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