Washington Post Daily Crossword April 29 2020 Answers

If you need help with Washington Post Daily Crossword April 29 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of Washington Post i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

Washington Post Daily Crossword April 29 2020 Answers:

Top banana 5 letters MRBIG
Egg size 5 letters JUMBO
Wrap with feathers 3 letters BOA
Like some close ball games 6 letters ONERUN
Ancient market 5 letters AGORA
Objective 3 letters AIM
Hot cereal brand since 1893 12 letters CREAMOFWHEAT
Baby Cobra stand-up comedian Wong 3 letters ALI
Fish that may attach itself to a 68-Across 6 letters REMORA
Implant 5 letters EMBED
Sit-up targets 3 letters ABS
Hard-won struggle reminders 11 letters BATTLESCARS
Got another opinion from 7 letters RANPAST
Subway critter 3 letters RAT
Sail support 4 letters MAST
Scandinavian coastal feature 5 letters FJORD
Patio-brewed drink 6 letters SUNTEA
Page on a novelist’s website 14 letters ABOUTTHEAUTHOR
Took a curious look 6 letters PEERED
Birthstone after opal 5 letters TOPAZ
Most-traded Latin American currency 4 letters PESO
Part of a cage 3 letters RIB
Venezuelan herder 7 letters LLANERO
Military sanction 11 letters ARMSEMBARGO
Word between surnames 3 letters NEE
Mean 5 letters CRUEL
Motor-assisted rides 6 letters EBIKES
Women’s History Mo. 3 letters MAR
Preview … and what the ending letters of the four other longest answers comprise? 12 letters MOVIETRAILER
DOJ bureau 3 letters ATF
21-Across carrier 5 letters SHARK
Dress like a judge 6 letters ENROBE
Rapper Lil __ X 3 letters NAS
Handy bags 5 letters TOTES
Manage 5 letters GETBY
Soft shoe 3 letters MOC
Mil. time off 3 letters RNR
Smug brew expert 8 letters BEERSNOB
Dies __: hymn 4 letters IRAE
Garland at birth 4 letters GUMM
Talk endlessly to 5 letters JAWAT
I hate it 3 letters UGH
One of the Pep Boys 3 letters MOE
Half a bikini 3 letters BRA
Hall partner 5 letters OATES
__ black sheep … 6 letters BAABAA
Mideast fleet 6 letters OILERS
In the center of 6 letters AMIDST
Gaming rookies 5 letters NOOBS
__ party 4 letters FRAT
Carson’s sidekick 7 letters MCMAHON
Yelp alternative 3 letters ARF
Westernmost Mexican state familiarly 4 letters BAJA
Made level with up 5 letters TRUED
Big Eyes singer Del Rey 4 letters LANA
Dramatic final question 4 letters ETTU
Request a hand? 7 letters PROPOSE
For two in music 4 letters ADUE
Biblical queendom 5 letters SHEBA
Bluesy James 4 letters ETTA
Stretch in office 4 letters TERM
Salt Lake daily familiarly 4 letters TRIB
Available schedule hour 8 letters OPENSLOT
Burger order 4 letters RARE
Kravitz of Big Little Lies 3 letters ZOE
Video game with a maze 6 letters PACMAN
List of slips 6 letters ERRATA
Gargamel foes 6 letters SMURFS
Rainbow flag letters 4 letters LGBT
Tours can be found on it 5 letters LOIRE
Horror film loc. 5 letters ELMST
Gives a strong impression (of) 5 letters REEKS
__ the Conqueror Marvel supervillain 4 letters KANG
Celt’s land 4 letters EIRE
Now I get it! 3 letters OHO
Chocolate factory fixture 3 letters VAT
Anger 3 letters IRE
Recede 3 letters EBB
King of Spain 3 letters REY

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