Washington Post Daily Crossword May 2 2020 Answers

If you need help with Washington Post Daily Crossword May 2 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of Washington Post i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

Washington Post Daily Crossword May 2 2020 Answers:

Groom like a groom maybe 8 letters MANSCAPE
Is in store 6 letters AWAITS
Green getaway 8 letters ECOHOTEL
Crud! 6 letters DARNIT
Beneficiaries of preferential admission 8 letters LEGACIES
Delightful 6 letters DREAMY
Texas congressman who ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988 7 letters RONPAUL
Nice refusal? 3 letters NON
When things just don’t click 6 letters OFFDAY
Aide-__: mnemonic device 7 letters MEMOIRE
White wine cocktails 4 letters KIRS
Gets stuck 8 letters BOGSDOWN
Let go 3 letters AXE
Let go 4 letters FIRE
Air freshener deliveries 5 letters MISTS
High-speed metaphor 15 letters PEDALTOTHEMETAL
Give out 5 letters ISSUE
Colorado tributary 4 letters GILA
So you admit it! 3 letters AHA
Star Wars film subtitle 8 letters ANEWHOPE
Classist type 4 letters SNOB
Breath-freshening brew 7 letters MINTTEA
Board game conduits 6 letters CHUTES
Storied shelf occupant 3 letters ELF
Lawmaker 7 letters ENACTOR
Barked 6 letters WOOFED
Pregame party site 8 letters TAILGATE
Tee off 6 letters ENRAGE
Pavarotti classic 8 letters OSOLEMIO
Father figure? 6 letters DADBOD
Broad Eastern cuisine category 8 letters PANASIAN
Harris of thirtysomething 3 letters MEL
Flying phenom 3 letters ACE
Eggy drink 3 letters NOG
Fragments 6 letters SHARDS
__ butter 5 letters COCOA
Not very much 8 letters ATINYBIT
Single animal-shaped candy? 4 letters PEEP
Let It Go singer in Frozen 4 letters ELSA
Mystified 6 letters ADDLED
Serious declaration 3 letters WAR
Is for many 3 letters ARE
Before you know it 11 letters INANINSTANT
Divided island north of Australia 5 letters TIMOR
Don’t Rain on My Parade composer 5 letters STYNE
Speaker’s pauses 3 letters UMS
Beast known as the zebra giraffe 5 letters OKAPI
Rigs 5 letters FIXES
Junk dealer in a ’70s sitcom 11 letters FREDSANFORD
Family nickname 5 letters MOMMA
Tot’s scrape 4 letters OWIE
Peru panning target 3 letters ORO
Outset 5 letters GETGO
Speedy 5 letters FLEET
Nevada tourist mecca 5 letters TAHOE
Foundation pieces 5 letters SLABS
Bee or Em 4 letters AUNT
With it 3 letters HIP
Choice event 8 letters ELECTION
Prepared a bed maybe 6 letters WEEDED
Solo pilot? 3 letters HAN
Swells 6 letters SURGES
Spoke Burmese? 5 letters MEWED
Actress Massey 5 letters ILONA
Casual greeting 5 letters HOLLA
Perched on 4 letters ATOP
61-Down’s dwelling 4 letters CASA
__ Four 3 letters FAB
One may be bruised 3 letters EGO
Challenging retort 3 letters AMI
Familia member 3 letters TIA
Word that’s sometimes an exaggeration 3 letters EON

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